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From June, 2013 Foraminifera Market Research would start publishing our E- magazine. The magazine would focus on investment and business opportunity in Nigeria. Be the first to get hot investment and business opportunities in Nigeria by subscribing to our E- Magazine, Investing in Nigeria.


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Never miss another issue of Investing in Nigeria magazine. Get an Annual Subscription and get Investing in Nigeria magazine delivered direct to your E- Mail Address every month!

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Honey, a bye product of bees as long been recognized for its healing capabilities and from researches conducted so far, original honey can cure over 201 ailments and this amongst other uses in the cosmetic industry has continued to fuel the demand for raw natural honey all over the world.

Due to the different reasons that affects the quality of honey during production, there are different types of honey namely sugarcane honey, hybrid honey and wild honey amongst other. For medical purpose, wild honey is the best and usually the most expensive. It can be used to cough, ulcer, measles, catarrh, pimples, pile, boil, whit low etc.

It is advisable that the seller/ exporter send samples of the product to be exported to the buyer, so that the buyer can confirm the quality of the product and place the bulk order.

Though honey has a thriving local market in Nigeria, honey commands very high demand at the international market. The price of honey is currently priced between $8 - $10 USD per kilogram at the international market as opposed to the it presently been sourced from the local seller/market in Nigeria between N 1000 – N 1,500 per litre . To penetrate the local market, the seller would have to carry proper packaging of the product in transparent bottles with their label on same. Packaging of export of orders would have to be in 50 liters jerry cans for easy containerization.

To export honey, the exporter would have to register with Nigerian Export Promotion Council {NEPC} with office in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria but when then the target is the local market, the product would have to registered with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control {NAFDAC} in Nigeria. The importer can also demand that the product be registered with the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control {NAFDAC}.

Should you require a business plan on the subject matter, please do contact us through any of the means below.

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Our human development training programmes are designed to assist our client set-up their respective business on a sound footing.

The training cuts across different segment of the economy to include Agriculture, Export and Import, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Mining and Quarry, Oil and Gas, Retail Industry, Telecommunication, Tourism and Transportation and are facilitated by seasoned professionals in their respective fields.

Please do visit the link below to access available training programmes

We prepare business plan, feasibility study and market report for the small and medium scale industries and develop the entrepreneurial capacity of our client with the aim of providing the much needed business data in Nigeria.

In keeping with our vision of providing services that adds value to our clients business and resources to develop their business into a strong and visible global brand, we would like to introduce to you to our sister websites {The one stop for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria} {Online Business Forum}

The details in this article is based on information from various sources that we believe are reliable; however no representation is made that it is accurate or complete. While reasonable care has been taken in preparing the articles, no responsibility or liability is accepted for errors of fact or for any opinion expressed herein. The articles are for information purposes only.

Foraminifera Market Research accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from any use of the articles or its contents.

The articles are for private circulation only and may only be distributed freely in its entire form. Any other use without the prior express consent of Foraminifera Market Research is prohibited.

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