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Water is one of the most essential commodities for the survival of all lives. It is abundant in nature and occupies about 70% of the earth’s crust. However, safe drinking water is very scarce hence the need for processing, treatment and proper packaging of water before consumption.

In Nigeria, One major achievement of the present civilian administration in the past eleven (11) years as been the growth of middle class witnessed in the country. This growth continues to drive the increasing social and sanitary awareness of the need for hygienically and well produced food products like sachet and bottle water in the country.

The market for sachet and bottle water is national .With a population of over one hundred and forty million (140,000,000) people and an estimated national population growth rate of 5.7% per annum , average economic growth rate of 3.5% per annum in the past five (5) years ,Nigeria is a large ,expanding and sustainable market for sachet and bottle water. Though the market for sachet and bottle water in Nigeria, the business tends to sale more in the northern part of Nigeria where hot weather is prompting people into drinking more water than usual and lack of clean pump water contributed in giving the business a good push up.

Sachet and bottle water is consumed on daily basis by all and sundry irrespective of age, social class or religion. The raw material required for the production of sachet water is water while the other factors of production like land, capital, labour also comes to play.

In the production of sachet water {pure water}, the two most important equipment required for production is the water treatment plant and the sachet water filling machine.

Some of the machines needed for bottled table water production and their uses is given below.

Part One: Pure Water Treatment System

This system is comprised of; activated carbon filter tank, sand filter tank, softer/ion exchange tank and also the reverse osmosis system. For control, it uses PLC system to monitor the operation of the entire system.

Part Two: Washing, Capping, Filling Machine (3-in-1)

This machine can automatically wash, fill and cap plastic and glass bottles.

Part Three: Cap Elevator.

This machine is not necessary but it is convenient and it improves the hygienic operation of the line.

Part Four: Light Checker

After the bottles have been filled it is necessary to check that the finished products meet the set and acceptable standard. And that is exactly what this machine is designed to do.

Part Five: Auto Cap Code Printer

This machine is used to print codes on the caps. The date of production and the batch number can be printed with this machine.

Part Six: Cap Sterilizer

As bottled pure water is a cold process production, it is necessary to sterilize the caps before loading them on the washing, filling and capping machine.

Part Seven: Conveyor

To facilitate the production process the bottles have to be moved from one unit to another.

Part Eight: Steam operated Shrinking Tunnel (Labeling machine)

This machine shrinks the producer’s label on the bottled water. Please note that you will need a steam generator with this machine.

Part Nine: Wrapping/Shrinking Machine

This is a packaging machine. I will advise you to buy the manual type as it is much cheaper than the semi-automatic one.

The return on this project is quite attractive and impressive that it would be difficult for any financial institution especially banks with discerning credit officers to turn down any loan request for funding this project. Promoters of this venture will also feel comfortable to release their hard earned money to finance this project.

The successful implementation of this project begins with the preparation of detailed and bankable feasibility study report to ascertain the actual cost/benefit status of the project. As a part of the legal requirements, the promoter has to register its product with NAFDAC.

Our reports are designed to assist start-ups to understand the legal and financial requirements of starting the business, the market trends vis-a-vis demand and supply, competition, risk identification and mitigation strategies.

You can order our detailed feasibility report on sachet water {PURE WATER} production in Nigeria by clicking on the link below.


Report Code: FORA/2013/300/1082


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Iyana Ejigbo Bus Stop,

Ejigbo, Lagos.

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Our human development training programmes are designed to assist our client set-up their respective business on a sound footing.

The training cuts across different segment of the economy to include Agriculture, Export and Import, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Mining and Quarry, Oil and Gas, Retail Industry, Telecommunication, Tourism and Transportation and are facilitated by seasoned professionals in their respective fields.

Please do visit the link below to access available training programmes

We prepare business plan, feasibility study and market report for the small and medium scale industries and develop the entrepreneurial capacity of our client with the aim of providing the much needed business data in Nigeria.

In keeping with our vision of providing services that adds value to our clients business and resources to develop their business into a strong and visible global brand, we would like to introduce to you to our sister websites {The one stop for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria} {Online Business Forum}

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