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Groundnut {Peanut} Export In Nigeria; The Feasibility Report.


Groundnut {Peanut} Export In Nigeria; The Feasibility Report.


Groundnuts also have a variety of industrial end uses. Paint, varnish, lubricating oil, leather dressings, furniture polish, insecticides, and nitroglycerin are made from groundnut oil. Soap is made from saponified oil, and many cosmetics contain groundnut oil and its derivatives. The protein portion of the oil is used in the manufacturing of some textile fibres.

Groundnut shells are used in the manufacture of plastic, wallboard, abrasives, fuel, cellulose (used in rayon and paper) and mucilage (glue).

Product Description

Groundnuts are also used for food and as an ingredient in confectionery products. After the extraction of oil, the residual cake is processed largely for animal feed, but is also used for human consumption.

Nigeria currently produces about two million MT representing 5% of world production and Foraminifera Market Research through this feasibility seeks to highlight the investment opportunity in the trading and export of the commodity.

Groundnut is the 13th most important food crop of the world. It is the world’s 4th most important source of edible oil and 3rd most important source of vegetable protein. Groundnut seeds contain high quality edible oil (50%), easily digestible protein (25%) and carbohydrate (20%).

Because of it numerous uses, groundnuts are in great demand and this opens an opportunity for interested investors to export the product.

The return on investment on the export of ground nuts is estimated between 10%- 15%.


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